CTR Transcription Project


The Transcription Project is a key initiative of the Chögyam Trungpa Institute at Naropa University, recently formed to support and further the preservation and understanding of his teachings

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“Yogic Songs of Milarepa", Talk One

– July 20, 1976, Boulder, CO

As the video plays, the transcript text is highlighted. This is best experienced on laptop or tablet.

Play the video in the usual way, and notice these features: One may replay any part of the video, or skip ahead to another part, by clicking on any word in the transcript. Since the video is synchronized to the text, it will play from that point.

This also makes the video searchable. Try searching on a word of interest in the “Search Transcript” field, and see your results both in the transcript, and in the video progress bar.

• Limited functionality on smaller mobile devices.
• Captions are available via the “CC” menu in the video player controls.

Join us in our campaign to match a generous gift to support this vital work

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